Friday, September 11, 2009

Ever wanted to fake your temperature for a day out of work or school? Here are some ways to do it.

  1. Communicate about your symptoms constantly. Throughout the day you need to make your symptoms obvious, but not too bad. Tell people that your throat hurts or you have a headache. Take some bathroom breaks. It makes people believe you more.
  2. If in school do not! go to the nurse a lot trying to get out. if you go maybe once in a blue moon they will not have a doubt and let you call home.
  3. Tell your parents or boss that you're going to take your temperature and want them to see it.
  4. Try any of the following techniques to actually increase the temperature reading on the thermometer:
    • Heat an electric thermometer with your hand. Hold the thermometer as still as you can with one hand, and rub your thumb as fast as you can until your desired fever is reached.
    • Heat a mercury thermometer with water. Go to a sink, preferably one near the water heater. Turn on the hot water, as hot as it will go. Put the tip of the mercury thermometer under the running hot water until your desire temperature is reached / passed. If you pass it, shake the thermometer down until you reach your desired fever.
    • Heat the mercury thermometer on a light bulb for a few minutes before placing it in your mouth.
  5. In the event your parents or boss are watching you take your temperature, here is how you can fake a hot temperature on a thermometer surreptitiously:
    • Suck on a penny, it will make your temperature go up one or two degrees.
    • Go to the bathroom just before you take your temperature. Put extremely hot water in your mouth. Swallow water just before your temperature is taken.
    • Rub your tongue against the thermometer, it will make the temperature rise several degrees.
  6. Right before you take your temperature,turn on the thermometer and place a ice cube on it.It will make the temperature go down,and your temperature will go up two or three degrees.

    • Practice this before you try to pull it off. It really helps.
    • Try to act perfectly normal during the whole thing. If you act different than your normal character allows, then you'll blow the whole trick.
    • Another quick way to get sick- let's say your temperature is already a little above normal- let's say it's 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Your parents probably won't let you stay home from school. Toast your bagel, and when your parents aren't looking, press the hot bagel (without the cream cheese!) to your forehead. Then, moan, "I don't feel well..." Nine times out of ten, they'll feel your forehead and go, "Oh, my! You're burning up!"
    • If your parents insist on using one of those old thermometers that goes up your buttocks then you're going to need make sure it gets to about 140 or 141 degrees because normal would be around 99 or 100.
    • With the digital thermometer, drink quite a bit of hot water before taking your temperature. Don't use anything other than water, they'll smell it in your pee. Also, this way, when she asks if you've been drinking plenty of water, you can reply truthfully.
    • If you do something, in example walk, take something by hand, make it look like as if your muscles were very clumsy and tired. In a real fever, they are!
    • Hope you enjoyed, Stay tuned for more :DDD